Administration instructions
Click here to download these instructions for the 15FQ+® in Adobe Acrobat format.

The instructions below should be read out verbatim and the same script should be followed each time the 15FQ+® is administered to one or more candidates. Instructions for the administrator are printed in ordinary type. Instructions designed to be read aloud to candidate are printed in bold type.

You will now be asked to complete a personality questionnaire. The questionnaire to be used is called the 15FQ+®. I will shortly hand out the question booklet and answer sheet for the questionnaire, but before I do I would like to make a couple of general points.

The 15FQ+® is untimed and you will have as much time as you need to complete the questionnaire, though you should aim to complete all the questions in between 30 and 45 minutes.

For the 15FQ+® there is a question booklet and a separate answer sheet. Please do not mark the question booklet in any way, as we like to use them more than once.

When completing the answer sheet, it is important to give a clear indication of your answer. If you want to change an answer, do not rub out your original, but cross it out clearly and mark your alternative.  Ensure that there is no doubt, which is your preferred answer.

Are there any questions about what I have said so far? ... Good. I will now give out the question booklets and answer sheets.

Hand out the answer sheets and the question booklets. Then say:

Put your name and the date in the space provided on the answer sheet. Then please open the question booklet and we will go through the instructions together.

Take plenty of time to make sure that you understand what is expected of you. When we have been through the instructions please ask any questions that you may have. Then, wait to be given the instruction to start.

You will now read aloud the instructions on page 1 of the question booklet. 

This is a questionnaire concerning your interests, preferences and opinions. There is no time limit, though most people take about 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Make sure that you have an answer sheet and a pen (or pencil) before you begin.

You are asked to choose between three possible answers to each question – A, B or C. When you have selected your answer, record this by completely filling in the appropriate box on your answer sheet.

Study the example in the booklet. If you choice of answer is A “true” then you would fill in box A against that question on your answer sheet. If your choice is C “false” then you would fill in box C.

Are there any questions?

Before we start completing the questionnaire please make sure that you record name and any other details requested on the answer sheet.

When answering the questions remember the following:

Make sure you answer every question, even those which do not seem to apply directly to you.

Do not spend too much time considering your answer to each question – your first reaction is usually the best. The information given may not be as full as you would wish, but answer the best you can.  

Try to avoid the middle B answer wherever possible.  

Be as honest and truthful as you can. Don’t give an answer just because it seems to be the right thing to say. 

If you wish to change an answer, please cross it out (do not attempt to rub it out) and insert your new answer.

Are there any questions?

Make sure that everyone is comfortable with the instructions and knows what they are required to do.  When everyone is ready, say:

Please turn over and start. Once you have finished, please put your pen/pencil down and wait quietly until everyone else has finished.

Once all the candidates have indicated that they have completed the questionnaire, collect all the test materials. The answer sheets should be kept until they are scored and the other test materials should now be stored away securely until they are required again.

Make sure that you collect all information, materials and equipment before finally thanking the candidates and allowing them to go. Record any event, which might have disturbed the candidates for future reference.


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