Scoring the 15FQ+®

Manual Scoring
Tests such as the 16PF have always been somewhat cumbersome to score and profile, with typical users taking up to 15 minutes to plot the profile for a single respondent. The complexity of the scoring and profiling mechanism, involving repeatedly transcribing scores from one sheet to the next, has also resulted in a high level of scoring error. By simplifying the scoring and profiling process, scoring and profiling time has not only been reduced (by about 50%) but accuracy has been significantly improved. Once completed, the answer page is separated from the scoring page to expose the score and profile sheet pages. Simply add up the row totals for the raw score which is entered once into a raw score column. The profile chart which is directly to the left of the raw score column combines the norm table, indicating the raw score values associated with each sten. Global Factor calculations have also been simplified for calculator use.

Calculating Globals
Once the profile chart has been completed, the next step in scoring the 15FQ+® involves calculating the Global (or second-order) factors. This is simply done by entering the appropriate sten scores (not raw scores) into each of the global factor equation boxes on the scoring-key as per the instructions in Appendix II of the test manual, and then calculating the weighted total for each global factor.

You can also calculate Global scores online using our 15FQ+® Global Factors Calculator.

Computer Scoring
For those test users who have the software-based test administration and scoring system, two further options for test scoring are available. Firstly, item data can be entered on the appropriate screen or secondly, computer-readable answer sheets can be scanned. The software system will then automatically generate raw and sten scores for the 15 factors as well as the Intellectance Dimension, response-style indicators and Global Factors.

For clients who opt for online test administration, reports can be automatically generated online, or our online system will automatically send you or us a file for import into GeneSys. Then you may either use GeneSys or our Bureau Scoring Service respectively.


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