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There are many personality tests on the market and these, especially when used together with ability tests, offer an additional dimension to profiling a candidate or client. Level B is available at two levels:

Intermediate: Foundation (personality theory and assessment); administration, interpretation and feedback of a substantive personality instrument (5 + 1 days)

Full: as above, plus administration, interpretation and feedback of a second substantive personality instrument; units in test construction, evaluation and choice, reliability, validity and computer-based testing (additional 3 + 1 days)

Level B courses focus on specific questionnaires, and OPS offers accredited training in:

The 15FQ+® is useful in a variety of settings, the latest version of this very popular questionnaire was standardised on a representative UK adult population. OPS is one of the few companies to provide training accredited by publisher of the 15FQ+®.

Completion of Intermediate Level B enables delegates to buy and use the selected instruments, and provides access to shorter conversion courses for other questionnaires. Delegates must have Level A before training in Level B.

Level B 15FQ+® Courses in 2003


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A number of global organisations offer 15FQ+® training:

Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

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