15FQ+® Training in the UK
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The Psytech advantage
Psytech’s combined Level A and B course trains delegates fully in the use of the 15FQ+®. It also allows you to become qualified to use both Level A and B tests. Optionally, delegates may elect to study an additional instrument concurrently and thus efficiently gain the B Plus certificate. By combining the two levels into a single course, delegates are able to obtain a more thorough grounding in the theory and application of psychological assessment as a whole. This approach saves time by avoiding the duplication that occurs when the two levels are separated by weeks or months.

Who the course is for?
The combined course is designed for human resource professionals, line managers and psychologists who wish to use tests to aid selection, development and career counselling.

Course objectives:

Further information about Psytech’s Level A and B courses can be obtained by downloading the training brochure or calling our training course administrator on 01525 720003 or visiting www.psytech.com.


A number of global organisations offer 15FQ+® training:

Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

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