The 15FQ+® can be administered in a pencil and paper, or on-screen (computer) format. In the on-screen format, instructions for administration are provided by the software programme. Detailed instructions for pencil and paper administration are provided with question booklet order or can be downloaded at this site.

While the 15FQ+® questionnaire booklet is designed to be virtually self-administrable, and contains detailed instructions on how to complete the test, it is nonetheless not recommended that respondents are left to self-administer the test. Rather, the test administrator should follow the instructions. In order to avoid unnecessary sources of test bias, respondents should complete the questionnaire in comfortable, quiet surroundings - free from distractions and interruptions. Moreover, it is particularly important that respondents are put at their ease before being asked to complete the test. Thus, in line with good practice, it is important that the test administrator deals with the following points before administering the test:

For pencil and paper administration, the test administrator should then follow the administration instructions provided. Alternatively, the test can be administered on screen using the GeneSys software system.


A number of global organisations offer 15FQ+® training:

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